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Jets Looking to Revert to Ground Game?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Pauline says to have a scoop into the Jets' thinking.

The New York Jets are returning to a more run oriented offense in 2014 in an attempt to exploit their strengths and lessen the load on Geno Smith. I’m told the game plan is to try and keep Smith under 20 passes per game. Part of the plan is to keep continuity on the offensive line, which is why they’ve made resigning right tackle Austin Howard a priority. At the same time I’m told the team views re-signing veteran guard Willie Colon as a last resort and will look to sign a player at the position via free agency. Names that make the most sense include Zane Beadles of the Denver Broncos and Geoff Schwartz of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Let's get one thing out of the way. This is awfully thin to jump to any sort of conclusions.

I am personally hoping it is not true. That is the kind of thing a team does when it has zero faith in its quarterback. If the Jets really think so little of Geno Smith that this is the plan, they need to look to take a new quarterback early.

With that said, I am skeptical of the validity of this information. This doesn't sound like Marty Mornhinweg.