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Explain Your Screen Name

Are you a GGN Member? If not, why not? What name do you post under and how did you come up with it?

There is actually a GGN Member called "InRexRyanWeTrust".
There is actually a GGN Member called "InRexRyanWeTrust".
Joel Auerbach

Last November, the Sons of Anarchy nickname was starting to catch on, and ESPN acknowledged that a Gang Green Nation member was indeed the first to post it publicly. That member was WadeBoggsNeverWalkedAgain. I've always been curious about that screen name, as well as with most of you Gang Green Gangsters.

There are some weird ones like bobdolethesnapplelady, and even weirder ones like Scott Salmon. I once saw someone post here under Teboner. That's my favorite by far. Some of you have explained yourselves in the introduction thread, but I figured we could get more people involved by focusing on screen names.

What does your screen name mean? What were other ones you considered? What are your favorite screen names by other members?

Who are you really, and what were you before? What did you do and what did you think, huh?