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Scouting The Draft: Xavier Su'a Filo, OG, UCLA

We continue to look at some of the top prospects in the 2014 NFL draft in relation to the Jets

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Earlier this week we featured a report on David Yankey, the impressive guard from Stanford. Now we are going to take a look at Xavier, who many consider to be one of the top guard prospects in this years draft. Xavier saw action his freshman year, however he then left campus on a mormon mission to Florida and Alabama for two years. After returning to school he became one of the most dominant offensive lineman in the college ranks.

Many expect Filo to find his way into the 2nd round, but a lot of the top guards are interchangeable so it wouldn't surprise me to hear his name called in the first round if a team really loved his game and personality. Like Yankey, Filo has played a lot inside at left guard, however he has also seen significant time at left tackle, especially during the 2013 season.

The Jets will need some help on the offensive line if their later round draft picks don't work out. Of course it all rests on what we do in free agency and if the team want to spent an early pick on the line but I have to believe that Xavier Su'a Filo will be in play for the Jets.


Height: 6'4

Weight: 307lb's

Class: Junior

40 Time: 5.04

Bench Press: 25

Vertical Jump: 25

Broad: 8"5

Shuttle: 4.44

3 Cone Drill: 7.60


  • Good measurables: He maybe doesn't have quite the size you would want inside, but he's not a tweener at over 300lb's. Height at 6'4 is perfect for playing inside.
  • Very flexible lower body, works well as an anchor and has excellent balance in pass protection.
  • Good lateral ability with quick and nimble feet. Showed off his ability to protect the edge with his quick feet this year while playing outside at LT.
  • Good hard hand punch that rocks a lot of rushers, sinks well and plays with initial good leverage in the passing game.
  • Very good in-line blocker with a good powerful lower body. Drives players back and clears a lot of room keeping his player locked down unable to make the tackle.
  • You have to say that he has above average athleticism when it comes to his position. No more is that on show than when he gets out to block in the open.
  • Maintains his blocks quite well especially in the run game, a player willing to work to the next level.
  • A good guy, has been spoken about very positively throughout his college career at UCLA.

  • Much more comfortable run blocking than he is pass protecting, will need t clean up his hand placement and technique when it comes to keeping the QB clean.
  • Plays with initial good leverage but he can lose this the longer he has to sustain the block, can allow his pads to rise and his feet become static.
  • Needs to have a little better awareness when it comes to stunts on the defensive line. Sometimes looks a little confused when defenders come at him from different angles.
  • Needs to show a little more patience. I often saw him lunge when there was a hesitation move on him. Lunging will get you beaten because you give up balance and leverage.
  • Plays hard but doesn't play mean. I like my guards to protect the QB, but I also like a lot of maulers inside who show a nasty streak. He doesn't really have that.

There is a lot to like about Xavier, but I don't personally see him as a first round talent. He can be very effective but I want to see him play with a lot more leverage at the point of attack and a lot more consistency. His hand placement needs work and a few finer points to the position need cleaning up. I don't like that he is easily confused with defensive stunts, as you will see a lot of them in the NFL and if you can't recognise where the pressure is coming from, it's very difficult to block it.

Would I draft him for the Jets?

I don't think I would be comfortable drafting him in the first round, he just isn't as polished as some other prospects like Yankey and I like Gabe Jackson more as well. However if he fell to us in the 2nd round, then I would consider it a good value pick and I'd put faith in the coaches to clean up some of the small issues he will have. So first round? no thanks, anywhere there after Yes please.