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Pick Seven

Show us your draftnik side and win!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Time for a draft game. The NFL draft will take place in about five weeks. Everybody and their doctor's dog's second cousin thrice removed is putting out mock drafts and speculating who their favorite team might take. Let's see how well we can predict the Jets' choices.

The game is simple. List 7 players you think the Jets will take in the 2014 NFL draft. No need to identify the rounds they get picked in, and no bonuses for correctly identifying rounds or individual picks; just get the names right. One bonus point for each Day Three (4th round or later) pick you get right. So if you correctly pick the Jets' second round pick and two of the Jets sixth round picks, you get one point for the second round pick and two points each for each of the sixth round picks, for a total of five points. Why pick seven? Well, mostly because pick six has too many negative connotations associated with it for Jets fans.

Sounds simple, right? So let's have at it. The winning entry will get bragging rights as GGN's best draftnik for a year, and a year's supply of Smackdad's dumbest jokes, free of charge. Who can best read the tea leaves and correctly identify the Jets picks? Leave your selections in the comments. One entry per member, please; in the case of multiple entries all but the first entry will be ignored. All you draftniks out there, let's see what you've got.