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Sign up for the 2014 GGN Community Mock Draft

It's draft-a-licious


In a few days, we here will be launching the GGN community mock draft.  This topic is to be used for sign ups, and sign ups only.  Another topic will be used for the draft.  It will be a 2 round draft.  A few ground rules:

1. Only sign up if you KNOW you are and will continue to be a relatively active member here.  I don't want lurkers who hardly post to come in and sign up, then not be here when it's time to do so.  This not only slows the process, but takes a spot away from someone who wants to do it and is available to draft.

2. Teams are first come, first serve.

3.  You are the GM.  Don't try to do whatever you think that team will do, do whatever YOU would do if you were the GM.  Who do you pick?

4. No trades.  You pick where your team picks.

5. Please picks teams other than the Skins or Colts unless there is an overflow.  I don't want someone to pick the Colts then go "damn it, they don't have a 1st round pick."  Putting the disclaimer in the instructions now.

6. NO ONE PICKS THE JETS.  The Jets pick will be chosen by GGN staff.

More to follow.  Ready... go!

Steelers- SioneBAAOOOHA

Ravens- Pc1167

Bengals- Fly like a jet

Browns- BenSchneier22


Texans- NeighbourFromTheNorth

Titans- M I K E

Jaguars- schiftyp

Bills- Peter Griffin says...

Patriots- adjacent muffin1427

Dolphins- Finhead83

Chargers- Maximilian Lawrence

Chiefs- YoungStuna

Broncos- NYJETFAN511

Raiders- Jonathan Reynoso

Lions- Tj Doyle

Bears- AndrewGM

Packers- zenpo

Vikings- Bennny K

Falcons- AFCxxBEAST

Bucs- oneg82

Saints- doc1453

Panthers- tklotsche

Cowboys- JetMet

Giants- The_Condor

Redskins- Ezeee39

Eagles- NY-Snack-Exchange

Seahawks- Can't!Wait

Rams- MachlinT

Cardinals- davo626

Niners- nickwilliams


Gang Green Gang


Craig James the Great






Idzik Unchained

SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED. If a person is unable to make it, the wait list will be the substitutes.