Does Idzik think all 12 of our picks are in the first round?

So Idzik's philosophy is to build through the draft, which is great it is absolutely the right thing to do, you always want to add cheap young talent to compliment your roster.

The goal is to have your team in position after free agency that you are no longer filling needs in the draft, and if a player becomes a starter it is because it is on their own merit, and not because there wasn't another player on the roster who could take that spot.

When you look at the state of the Jets roster I don't think anyone can say that we fit that description. There are 6 possible positions where a rookie can come in and start on this team when he isn't ready (varying degrees of necessity) but we NEED a second starting WR, a second starting CB, a Guard, a OLB, a #1 TE, and a Free Safety

Last time i checked we have exactly one first round pick in this draft, and there are 31 other teams out there doing everything they can to make sure they properly scout talent and the best players are drafted in order so for example the player with the 80th pick is better than the player taken with the 90th pick.

Obviously we see every year players drafted in the 3rd round or later turn into absolute studs, but that is not the norm, and is definitely not something we can count on.

With the position we are in right now and the WR depth in this draft the logical thing at this point is not to draft a WR in the first round, and actually in a position where the logical thing is to draft a CB in the first.

So we have gone from a position where everyone wanted to go for the pitchforks if we went non olb defense in the first round to people advocating Gilbert, or Dennard.

And to go off the point of my title again we have 6 positions on this roster of varying degrees of patheticness as far as talent is concerned our 6th pick is in the 4th round (comp pick so nearly the 5th) so lets go based on need

First round Corner, ok we all saw how well that worked last year with Milliner there is a huge learning curve without good safeties this guy is most likely going to get killed this year

Second Round Wr, assuming he makes the transition there is the talent around this position to help whoever we draft ease in slightly so hopefully this works out ok

Third Round TE, ok we are now counting on a third round pick to be a starter on this team and cover up for Cumberlands obvious deficiencies i really feel great about those chances

Early 4th O-line/guard - so yes we have two starting guards, and some possibly decent depth but considering we got lucky as hell that colon stayed healthy "all" of last year, and winters struggled mightily i think we all would feel much more comfortable if we could address this issue earlier especially with mangold and brick on the decline and within two years of being salary cuts

mid 4th olb, so we need to try and find the most valuable defensive player around the 120th pick chances of that are just absolutely fantastic, and if we don't get a guy capable of taking snaps our 3 main olb's are out of position, old, and coming off a major injury definitely a recipe for success

late 4th and now finally we can attempt to address the safety position we have two strong safeties landry is pretty much a HTF guy and Allen hopefully continues to grow but won't be confused with an allpro safety any time soon

to put it simply there is a major difference between our 12 draft picks and the picks Baltimore has or even more so the picks Cleveland has and there is no way a GM worth his weight would count on all of the first six of his picks spanning into the end of the 4th round to all have major impact on the roster this year. if those guys were going to be that good and everyone realized it they wouldn't be going that late in the draft.

oh and this is also all assuming that hopefully these guys are BPA, and not massive reaches just to fill holes

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