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DeSean Jackson Rumors: Mornhinweg Interested in Receiver; Idzik Not

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Cimini takes us inside Jets' discussions about DeSean Jackson.

They held internal discussions on Jackson, with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg giving his blessing. Mornhinweg, who coached him with the Philadelphia Eagles, told people in the organization that Jackson -- known for his bad-boy reputation -- wouldn't be a problem in the locker room. That apparently wasn't enough to sway Idzik, who reportedly hadn't reached out to Jackson's agent as of Saturday.

The coach who knows him best in the organization and perhaps the entire league apparently wants Jackson. He would be an ideal fit at a position of need, but the Jets aren't showing any interest. I'm not really sure I understand this. It can't be that Jackson's demands are too high. You have to speak to a free agent before you know what his demands are.

I'm not really sure there is a good explanation for the Jets not even exploring the option.