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Michael Vick's Contract Is Worth $4 Million

Michael Heiman

It might be minor housekeeping, but Mike Florio reports Michael Vick's contract with the Jets is worth $4 million this year, not the $5 million figure many reported.

For Vick, it was widely reported that he’ll get $5 million this year from the Jets. The magnitude helped create the impression for some that he has a great chance at winning the job.

The real numbers weren’t as widely reported.

Per a source with knowledge of the actual deal, Vick gets only $4 million. Half comes from a signing bonus, and the other half comes from a fully-guaranteed 2014 base salary.

This doesn't really change my perception that he has a real chance to win the starting job. It's not like the league is loaded with $4 million quarterbacks who are simply handed a clipboard with no shot to compete, but this does give the Jets a little more money if and when they decide to spend to upgrade some of the problem areas on the roster.