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DeSean Jackson Rumor: Jets Unlikely to Sign Receiver?


Mark Osborne reports the Jets are unlikely to sign DeSean Jackson.

But one team source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told Metro New York that Jackson "is a long shot to land here." While the three-time Pro Bowler would add an instant playmaker to their wide receiver corps, Jackson may not be seen as a good fit with the team. "He isn’t a ‘John Idzik guy’ – not what fits here right now" the source said, referring to the Jets’ general manager who has been restrained this offseason.

I am not saying the Jets need to sign Jackson at any cost. I will, however, say the Jets would be doing themselves a disservice if they were not right in the middle of the hunt to sign Jackson.

If they do that, they will have a pair of top twenty receivers in their starting lineup and a duo that perfectly complements each other at that. You have the blazing Jackson who is a threat to score on every play and Eric Decker, the big target who is great in the red zone and can get deep if he has somebody who can draw a ton of attention. Heck, with the amount of cap space they have, I am disappointed the Jets didn't throw a conditional pick at the Eagles to get the receiver.

There is no telling whether this rumor is true. I hope it is not.