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John Idzik Admits Need at Corner


Jets general manager John Idzik discussed the team's current hole at cornerback today.

In a wide-ranging interview on ESPN radio 98.7 on Wednesday, Jets general manager John Idzik acknowledged the team still has a hole to fill at cornerback now that all of the high-profile free-agent options are off the market.

"We recognize we have a need at corner," Idzik said. "But there's plenty of road ahead of us before we get to camp."

I don't really agree with the people saying this offseason is a complete failure already. There is still a lot of time to improve the roster. With that said, I cannot help but wonder whether the Jets might live to regret their inactivity when it comes to the secondary. There are still options available, but the best options are largely gone. There were a number of quality players available at a reasonable rate.

You can say that there is still the Draft, but as we learned last year, many corners look lost in year one. You don't want to have to depend on the rookie. The offense also still needs a lot of work.

Hopefully Idzik has a rabbit to pull out of his hat.