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Fish'N'Chips: The Comeback

The show that captivated.....well a few hundred, is back!

Dan Istitene

Evening good people of Gang Green Nation,

If you were with us last year, you will know that myself and Scott Salmon, the man with the serious twitter picture but as soft a heart as Port Salut cheese covered the draft with a live show. I can't remember how long it was, but I'm willing to bet it was over 4 hours. We had a great time and we got some very positive feedback from you guys, which is obviously the most important thing.

We named the google hangout fish'n'chips and the rest they say is history. So it brings me great pleasure to announce that we will be returning for our second year, bigger and better than ever. It all starts this Sunday at 2:00est.

Myself and Scott will be hosting a live video chat this Sunday to go through some of the key questions ahead of the NFL draft, it may last 30 minutes, it may last one hour or it may go longer, It depends how many questions we get from you guys. So start thinking now.

Then on draft night, me and Scott will go live from the first pick to the last pick with our opinion on each and every selection. We'll also have a big board which will be updated as the draft progresses. I'll have my Kiper face on and Scott will be McShaying it up! So I really hope you will ditch the main stream media on draft night and tune into GGN instead.

Here is the best part. It will be hosted by Nick Marusiak who will be doing all the hard work, which will allow me and Scott to just talk prospects. So last year we may have had one eye on the TV and one on the chat, but this year we'll be 100% focused on talking about the draft with Nick feeding us the information. Can't ask for much more.

Schedule: (If Sunday is popular, we'll do more before draft night)

Sunday: 2:00EST - Draft Chat

Thursday May 8th: Live Draft Chat All Night!