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DeSean Jackson Might Not Be Going Anywhere

Last night, DeSean Jackson posted this image, with the message, "Good to Talk to BIg Chip today !! Say or hear what ya want !! The Picture speaks for itself !! Winner..."

This morning, there were the following tweets:

So, it is very much possible that any potential trade is off. That would be quite a stunning reversal, but it's possible. More likely, in my opinion, it's more likely Kelly wanted to gain some leverage back lost by their "trade or we'll cut him" message, and Jackson fell for it hook, line, and sinker. What do you think?


Jackson just posted the following, with the message, "I SIT BAC & LAUGH AT THE REPORTS THAT COME OUT !! AT THE END OF THE DAY ITS ENTERTAINMENT GOTTA REMEMBER THAT !! NOT TRUE FACTS #10mode Got Much Love For All his Fans Regardless"