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Rex Ryan Speaks at League Meetings

The other day, Woody Johnson spoke at the NFL's league meetings. Today, Rex Ryan had a chance to speak. He talked about a few things, including a note that the team is happy to spend on another wide receiver if the circumstances are right (he didn't name DeSean Jackson specifically).

He also said that Mike Vick would have the opportunity to compete for the starting job at quarterback, but that Geno Smith will be "hard to beat out." From the sounds of it, Smith is the presumptive starter but Vick will have a fair chance to win the competition. Of course, we already knew this five days ago, as reported by Kris Dyer.

So, in the end, nothing surprising, nothing groundbreaking. Ryan didn't tamper with regards to Jackson, and he didn't reveal anything particularly revelatory about Vick. It looks like Idzik has permanently installed a filter on Ryan, and we're all probably better for it.