Mo Wilkerson and Future Cap Space

In light of recent histrionics over the current cap space, and the recent dealings with Jimmy Graham, I think we should take a close look a Mo Wilk and how his possible re-signing/extension impacts the team financially. Yes, we have a ton of cap space now. But how much space will we need to keep Mo? By no means am I a cap guy. But I wanted to at least start this conversation with the hope that some of the smarter contributors could shed some light on how this may play out.

I brought up Jimmy Graham because there was a lot of consternation about whether his franchise tag value should be that of a TE or a WR. Well, we fall into the same problem with Mo. Is he a DE or a DT? I think it's an important distinction because I believe franchise tag numbers are a big factor in determining contract values. The 2014 franchise tag value for a DE is about $13.1M, while it is about $9.6M for a DT. And since we know the cap will be increasing next year, those numbers will probably get a bump. Once we figure out how to value him, then we can get down to the nitty gritty of signing him long term. JJ Watt's contract is also going to be a big factor since he plays the same position and is the best player at that position.

So how do you value Mo? How much space do you think we'll need to keep him in the fold? How much would you like to have left over after signing him? Do you think he's worth resigning at your perceived value for him? Do you think about rotating him and keeping his snaps down, thereby keeping his numbers down? Does signing Desean prevent you from being able to sign Mo? Is trading Mo a possibility in your mind, especially if Aaron Donald is available at 18?

How would you approach the Wilkerson issue?

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