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Philadelphia Eagles Willing To Release DeSean Jackson If No Trade Is Agreed

At least we have something to keep us excited as free agency winds down.

An NFL report has suggested that the Philadelphia Eagles will release DeSean Jackson if they can't find a trading partner for him:

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News was told by a source Saturday that "Philly is trading him or cutting him. That's a fact. They don't want him."

Geoff Mosher of CSN Philly cited sources to report that Jackson has "ruffled too many feathers for new coach Chip Kelly," while another source told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the seventh-year wideout is "as good as gone."

The Philadelphia sources are more than likely more reliable than our very own Mehta. So this seems to give the Jets a lot of leverage.  It also gives every other team who's interested in him leverage. It was believed that the Eagles were looking at a 3rd round pick for Jackson, now I'd be surprised if they even get a 4th.

It seems as though Jackson's attitude and salary demands have become too much for the Eagles and Chip Kelly doesn't strike me as the kind of coach who is willing to put up with a prima-donna. Which means if we want to get in ahead of the pack, if we offered a 5th or 6th, it would probably get the deal done. However, we would then be liable for his contract, and although we can afford it, John Idzik doesn't strike me as the kind of man to overpay a player.

This is going to be a very interesting story as it develops. I want Jackson, and as John mentioned yesterday he would be the perfect compliment to Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley and would also take a lot of pressure off Stephen Hill, and maybe we see some kind of development from him. A receiver coming off a 1,332 yard 9 touchdown season, who wouldn't want him?