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Jets Only Willing to Take DeSean Jackson at a Reduced Price?

Brian Costello has your latest on DeSean Jackson trade rumors.

Costello is referring to Jackson's base salary. Jackson's cap number is even higher, coming in at just under $13 million. (As Scott points out his cap number will be $10.25 million.) Is that too much for him? I think so, but him at that price could be more useful than all of the cap space the Jets are sitting on. The Jets can afford to overpay for one player at a position of need and still come in comfortably under the cap. Jackson is a dynamic gamebreaking threat at receiver. He would be a perfect complement to Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley. A Jackson-Decker-Kerley trio would be a very formidable wide receiver corps.

There is also the real possibility the Jets leaked this to the media for leverage.