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Michael Vick Is or Isn't Concerned About Wearing Number 7

TMZ had a report this morning saying free agent quarterback Michael Vick would want to wear number 7 if he signs with the Jets.

Besides the fact he wore #7 in college and all throughout his pro career, Vick also has a clothing line called V7 -- and he's dead serious about sticking with his number.

Now we're told the jersey situation is not an absolute dealbreaker -- but it will be a "big issue" in negotiations.

Geno Smith currently wears number 7. It stands to reason he would not be receptive to giving up his number for somebody signed to potentially take his job.

Mike Florio, however, countered that the story is not accurate.

In response to the TMZ report, a source close to Vick says that Vick doesn’t care about the number he’d be wearing in New York.

"It’s the last thing on his mind," the source said.

In conclusion, the offseason can get really, really weird.