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Former New York Jets QB Greg McElroy Retires

The Cincinnati Bengal is calling it quits.

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Just some minor news to start your day. Former New York Jets backup quarterback Greg McElroy has retired. McElroy has been playing for the Cincinnati Bengals since his release by the Jets, and is just 25 years old. With a Wonderlic score of 48 (five more than me, something I'll never live down), and a former Rhodes Scholar finalist, it wouldn't be a surprise to see McElroy join a team somewhere as a quarterbacks coach.

That place will almost certainly not be the Jets. Although he almost single-handedly won a game against the Arizona Cardinals, he was nearly murdered against the San Diego Chargers, setting a franchise single-game record for most sacks. Furthermore, his quotes to a radio station and reported source of Manish Mehta's indicate he was never happy with the team that drafted him. In addition, according to Collision Low Crossers, he was treated incredibly poorly by Mark Sanchez, somewhere above indentured servant but below unpaid intern.

That said, I wish McElroy well. He's always had the brains but not the brawn (if we could have combined his brain and Matt Simm's arm, we might have something) to make it in the National Football League, and I hope he finds success wherever he goes next.