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Mark Sanchez Has Been Cut

The Sanchize is no more.


In 2009, the New York Jets traded up to draft Mark Sanchez, the quarterback of the future. He was the Sanchize, and we expected a lot of him. In his first two years, the team went to the AFC Championship both years, often in spite of Sanchez's uneven play. However, there is no doubting that he elevated his game when it mattered most, most specifically in the playoffs. His 4-2 playoff record is second most in NFL history for post-season road wins.

Ultimately, when the team needed Sanchez to take the next step in 2011, he regressed. As his supporting cast got worse, so did Sanchez. When he was benched against the Arizona Cardinals in 2012, we knew it was the end. Following his injury in the 2013 preseason, in which he threw a pick-six, a red zone interception, and fumbled the ball, it was Geno Smith time, and Sanchez's time with the team was all but over.

There are a lot of conflicting emotions when it comes to Sanchez being cut. He helped the team get the closest to the Super Bowl since 1998, but he also played incredibly poorly most of the time, and never took the next step to become a franchise quarterback. With a truly massive contract and salary cap figure, it's time to move on. Thanks for the memories, Mark.