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Antonio Cromartie To Sign With Cardinals

The former Jet has signed with Arizona. Now you can panic.

Well there goes that idea. Cromartie

I really thought we would be able to get Cromartie back, but right now I think we may have to go cornerback early in the 2014 NFL draft, or trade for an established starter. Right now our depth at corner is pretty poor and you know Rex Ryan won't be happy about that.

Antonio Cromartie had talked about wanting to return. It's obvious the Jets weren't so sure.

We'll have more reaction up later. For now discuss and complain down below.


It seems as though things have soured between Cromartie and the Jets

: It's amazing how you can be so loyal to someone and they can be so disloyal to you. But you live and you learn.

: I learned today that it is possible to turn the other cheek when someone slaps you in the face..

He quickly deleted the posts, but we caught them before he had the chance.