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Michael Vick Will Not Get Any Guarantees For Playing Time

Controversial QB Michael Vick is meeting the Jets brass today, but Dyer is told he won't be promised a thing

Kristian Dyer came on top of our beat writers Madden ranking for a reason, so first of all, a big congratulations to him. He's back today with another piece of information from a source within the organization:

"If Michael comes here, he will be given a chance to compete," the source said. "Nothing beyond that is guaranteed. Geno has a bright future. We certainly drafted him thinking he can start in this league and he did last year. But competition is important to this franchise and Michael will know that if he comes here, he will be expected to compete. That will be our message."

I don't think this will come as any surprise. Michael Vick certainly shouldn't just be handed the starting job. With his injury history and his age, he should have to earn every single snap. However, I'm on the side where I think this would be a good thing for the organization and for Geno Smith.

Vick doesn't want to go anywhere with an established starter, and I'm sure he still wants to go somewhere where there is a chance he can start and win. That's right here in New York. I hope we sign Vick and I hope Geno beats him out. If he does that, it will make me feel a lot better about Geno going forward.

People need competition.  They need to be pushed to their maximum potential.