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Running the Chicago Marathon

David Banks

Many of you know that I am a runner, and that I ran the Richmond Marathon last year. This year, I will be running the Chicago Marathon. When I ran in Richmond, I ran for myself. When I run in Chicago, I will be running on behalf of Bright Pink, a charity that provides educational services for young women to help educate them about breast and ovarian cancer and how they can detect and get screened for those diseases before they become life threatening. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, a memo the New York Jets never quite received, and it's Bright Pink’s strategy. Unlike many other charities, almost all of their money actually goes towards the cause, which is extremely important to me.

The reason I chose Chicago and Bright Pink is because the race takes place on October 12. That is the same day as my grandmother's birthday. Her name was Cynthia Greene, and she passed away from breast cancer in 1988, two years before I was born.

If you can spare just a few dollars, you can donate and support my cause at If you include the name of someone you know that has or had cancer, I will include their name on the shirt that I will be wearing when I run, so that I may run for them as well.

I know many of you are asked to donate to different charities quite often, which is why I wouldn't ask unless this was really important to me. Thank you so much, and go Jets.