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Mark Sanchez Deadline: March 25

A number of people have asked why the Jets have not made a move with Mark Sanchez. In short, they have until March 25 so there is no sense to make a quick decision. That is the day Sanchez is due a $2 million bonus if he is on the Jets' roster.

Until then the Jets can afford to wait and hope against hope some team will trade for his contract in the same manner they held onto Tim Tebow until after the NFL Draft a year ago. They don't immediately need the cap space cutting him would bring,. Once we get closer to March 25, there will probably be some kind of move. You aren't going to pay $2 million to a player who you don't want to keep. It is very unlikely the Jets will keep Sanchez at his current rate. It is a little more likely the Jets will look to rework Sanchez's deal to avoid that payment. By far the most likely move is to cut him.

I know many of you knew this already, but a number of people had asked.