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Free Agency: New York Jets Re-Sign Willie Colon

The New York Jets have announced that they have re-signed RG Willie Colon. Colon was a good piece of the offensive line, if penalty prone, and had a healthy season until he tore his bicep against the Miami Dolphins in the last game of the season. Make no mistake, Colon is still a stop gap until the team can get a long-term solution at right guard. His deal is for one year, $2M, so it's low cost.

I do like this signing, because it takes pressure off the team to draft a guard high. They can if one is the best player available, but they aren't bound by necessity. Colon is a nasty presence on the line and will do well next to RT Breno Giacomini, who also has a mean streak.

I'm also happy for Colon, who grew up in the Bronx and truly seems to love being a Jet. We need more players like that, and Colon, if only for a brief time, is a good start.