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Jets Looking To Bring Back RG Willie Colon

A move that many expected looks as though it is picking up steam

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets currently have some problems at the Guard position. Brian Winters who experienced the usual rookie pains will almost certainly start on the left, but there is a gaping hole on the right hand side.

Willie Colon was by no means a star last year, but I thought he offered the Jets very solid physical play.

Darryl Slater has suggested that the Jets sill have interest and that things are starting to develop for the veteran

On Tuesday afternoon, the NFL’s free agency signing period officially hit the one-week mark. Since March 7, things have begun to develop more positively for Colon. Other teams have inquired about him, and the Jets have also shown interest in perhaps bringing him back in 2014, a league source said, confirming previous reports.

According to PFF, Colon allowed just the one sack, 3 hits and 14 pressures. Which for a veteran playing on a salary of $1.162 million is pretty good value. Now Colon is currently rehabbing a torn bicep he suffered in the final game of the season, and apparently that is on schedule. So I would be more than happy to see him back with the Jets next year. It shouldn't stop us from developing a long term solution at the position, but it certainly offers some stability for 2014 and depth if a better alternative is found.

One thing I will ask, please cut the penalties out Willie.....12 last year which was 4 more than any other guard.