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DeSean Jackson is on the Trading Block

Rob Carr

There are reports out of CSN Philly (and several other news sources have confirmed) that the Philadelphia Eagles are listening to offers for DeSean Jackson, and are reportedly looking for at least a third round pick. As I said yesterday, the New York Jets should be interested. He would be a fantastic fit next to Eric Decker, and he has experience playing in Marty Mornhinweg's system. The team has the need, and it has the picks. Make it happen, Mr. Idzik.

I know I said I'd give up a fourth for Jackson, but if a third is all it would take, this deal should happen yesterday. What do you think? What would you be willing to pay? Note, we do not know if the team has any actual interest in trading for Jackson, this is just a hypothetical.

If you're interested in a timeline of how Jackson has gotten to this point, please take a look at this fantastic pieceput together by our sister site, BleedingGreenNation.