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Jets Not Missing On As Many Targets As You Think

This makes much more sense to me and it's refreshing to see a team executive calm and collected

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Kristian Dyer makes a lot of sense, his tweets and stories are generally quite informative with a solid foundation. Tonight he has a piece which to me makes a lot of sense, and if I were to run an organization this is certainly the approach I would take.

A team executive spoke to Dyer about the teams perceived lack of ability to close the deal

while the Jets have engaged in talks with a number of high-profile free agent targets, they "refuse to budge from their salary cap disciplines."

The source said the Jets evaluate a player on the field and will assign a dollar range they are comfortable with for negotiations. They "will stick to that number, even if it means letting the player walk."

That makes perfect sense to me. You don't get in a bidding war, you evaluate a player based on his on-field performance. If his asking price is beyond how you evalute him, then maybe it's in the best interests long term to let him walk away.

Dyer continues in his article:

He called general manager John Idzik "calm and collected and unwilling to mortgage the future for a big splash now."

"It doesn’t mean that we missed on all our targets. We didn’t," the source said. "It just means that the targets didn’t make sense with what John wants to do, and that is build depth and competition on both sides of the ball — not just a few stars.

"Fans shouldn’t look at it as if the team missed on free agents. We just aren’t going to overpay and ignore other areas of need. We did well with players like Antwan Barnes and Chris Ivory last year, plus we have all of our [draft] picks. The team isn’t done, there is still quality out there. There will be more signings. And this team is poised to be flexible and active through the summer if and when other teams make camp cuts."

If you read one article today, make it Dyer's, click HERE for the full article.

I know people are upset about the lack of movement, however I have seen nothing from Idzik for me to suggest that he doesn't know what he's doing. The contract was too rich on some of the FA's and they were being paid more than their performance warranted, well then you let them walk. You don't get held ransom to agent demands, that's how you get yourself into long term cap hell.

I know a lot of you won't like it, but personally and I can only speak for myself, I like the calm and calculated approach that Idzik is taking.