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Jets Not Being "Aggressive " With Cromartie Return

It seems like anything we report at the moment, is said in a negative light.

Gregory Shamus

The Jets made headlines year on year with their splashy free agent signings, getting players based on name and star appeal. They were reckless and had no long term plan.

The Jets this year inked a good receiver to a very good cap friendly deal, they replaced their RT for less than half the price in guarantees without an expected fall-off in production and they haven't overpaid for free agents, just because they were the best available of what was left.

I fully expected Antonio Cromartie to return to the Jets, but according to several "sources" the Jets are not making it a priority at the moment:

I fully expect the Jets to bring Cromartie back, they are letting him test the market and find his worth. Cromartie wants to return to the Jets, so any contract he is offered, I'm sure his agent will pass back to the Jets to see if they want to match it. After all he seems to have settled on the East Coast in NY after a turbulent personal life looked as though it was spiralling out of control.

We may not be banging down his door, but I'm sure we'll have an interest when the time is right.