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Free Agency: New York Jets Offered Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a Prove-It Deal

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to Andrew Brandt of ESPN, the New York Jets offered Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a one-year prove-it deal to the tune of $6M, with options to retain him if things worked out. This obviously fell below the New York Giants average of $7M over five years, $8M in the first two. In retrospect, easy to see why Rodgers-Cromartie took the money.

That said, I can understand why John Idzik was nervous about offering Rodgers-Cromartie a prove-it deal. He's had one (really) great year in six years in being in the league, and talked about retiring just three months ago. He seemed like a great fit for Rex Ryan's defense, but he's hardly the model of consistency. I, along with many others here, wanted him, but I think it's reasonable to have had concerns, which many of you expressed.

I myself would have offered Rodgers-Cromartie more, up to $8M for the one year. I like the idea of the prove-it deal and he's as fitting a candidate as you'll get. Show you're consistent, and we'll show you the money. I think Idzik lowballed him, and just wasn't willing to take the same risks as the Giants. Of course, the Jets don't have a Super Bowl-winning quarterback that's in his thirties with limited time remaining in the league. The two teams are simply in different places.

What are your thoughts?