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Rex 'Pissed' About Losing DRC To The Giants

Manish is back to stir the pot, what's new?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I received a notification through about this story, I looked to the NFL website and realised they had taken it from Manish. So believe what you like but I would take anything with a pinch of salt.

According to the report, referencing a friend of Rex, Ryan is pissed about losing DRC to the Giants.

Another interesting note came from within the facility (apparently):

After DRC signed with the Giants, one Jets employee told Mehta Idzik "operates on his own time and schedule. Unbelievable."

I can understand that Rex needs to win now and if Idzik is in a long term strategy that may cause some problems. However Woody and John are not idiots and they know football. If they haven't given Rex the weapons to win a Superbowl, they can't blame him for not doing it.

I didn't like the guarantees in DRC's contract, he has been one of the best corners, but he's also been one of the worst corners. His inconsistency is a nightmare and he gives up a lot of plays deep, something that would annoy just about everyone in the building. I did like James Jones contract and think Oakland have done well there.

I don't know if Rex is actually pissed, or it was an expression of disappointment from a man who loves winning. We'll never really know. I'm sure there will be multiple stories trying to drive a wedge between coach and management, but until we see any legitimate concerns, I'm taking this all with a pinch of salt.