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Brandon Pettigrew Re-Signing With Lions

Nick Laham

Free agent tight end Brandon Pettigrew was thought to be a Jets target, but it looks like he is staying in Detroit.

Pettigrew agreed to a four-year, $16-million deal with the Lions on Thursday that includes $8 million guaranteed. He’s en route to Detroit this morning to take a physical and sign his contract.

I'm not a huge Pettigrew fan, but he could have served a purpose with the Jets. He is a good blocker and a decent receiver. Pettigrew is an adequate starter. Pair him with one of the dynamic tight end prospects in this year's Draft class, and he would have made a really nice fit.

I'm not going to cry over Brandon Pettigrew because there are other options out there, but the money he got doesn't look bad at all. It seems about what he should get. Maybe the Jets have something up their sleeve to get a guy just as good for cheaper. We'll have to wait and see.