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Report: Jets Had No Interest in Revis

Robert Laberge

Gary Myers has a report out saying the Jets never showed any interest in Darrelle Revis.

Revis’ wish list, acquired by the Daily News, was based on non-economic factors. But he never was in a position to compare offers from his two top teams, because the Jets never got involved. In all, more than 20 teams — including the Giants — checked in with Revis' agents, but Revis did not hold an auction. Once Revis knew the Jets were not players, he made up his mind to sign with the Patriots — it was extremely enticing to play for Bill Belichick and play with Tom Brady — and the financial details of the deal were quickly worked out. His agents didn’t ask for offers from any of other teams that had contacted them.

Myers says Rex Ryan wanted to bring Revis back, but John Idzik and Woody Johnson did not. That seems like common sense. Myers also says the Jets were Revis' first choice. I'm sure there is no evidence in the world that would convince some people that part of the story is true.

What seems clear is the Jets never even picked up the phone to see what it might take for a reunion with Revis. I think that is difficult to justify. I'm not saying they had to give Revis a blank check. I'm not saying they had to keep him away from New England at any cost. What I am saying is cornerback is a position of need and a very important position in the defense the Jets run. Revis was not only the best player available at the position. He was also a proven great fit in the scheme. When you have abundant cap space, why not at least pick up the phone and see what it might take before letting him go to your biggest competition?

We hear the term due diligence a lot when the Jets explore options that seem unattractive. You have to explore every option available because you never know when there might be an opportunity. I find it puzzling that a team that leaves no stone unturned to the point of giving guys like John Beck and Mike Sims-Walker tryouts wouldn't at least explore a player who would be such a great fit at the right price.