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Free Agency: New York Jets are Pursuing Brandon Pettigrew

Leon Halip

There are multiple reports that the New York Jets are in discussions with tight end Brandon Pettigrew to sign with the team. Pettigrew played five years with the Detroit Lions, where he gained the reputation of an underachiever with high potential, but still a great blocking tight end.

Last year, Pettigrew had 41 receptions for 416 yards and 2 touchdowns in fourteen games. All of this said, Pettigrew is still probably better than Dustin Keller, and definitely the best blocking tight end the Jets have had in years. In addition, due to his blocking skills, he'd make a good compliment to Jeff Cumberland, who is solely a receiving tight end.

All of this said, for a cheap price, Pettigrew would be a good target for John Idzik, and a good stopgap until the team can draft a better option.