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How Does Captain Munnerlyn Fit?

Mary Ann Chastain

As we have discussed, Captain Munnerlyn, the cornerback from the Carolina Panthers, is scheduled to visit the New York Jets in the coming days. However, there's one piece to this puzzle that doesn't quite make sense; where does Munnerlyn fit?

You see, Munnerlyn is pretty much exclusively a nickel cornerback, which is to say, he covers the slot. At 5'8", Munnerlyn can't do much on the outside. The problem is that the Jets already have a nickel cornerback in Kyle Wilson. Wilson is actually rated higher, according to ProFootballFocus, as their #1 nickel CB, while Munnerlyn is #18.

So if the Jets plan on bringing Munnerlyn in, it seems to me there are two possible scenarios. One is they would like to trade Wilson. The second is that they would like to move Wilson to free safety, which he has played on occasion before, although not regularly. This might work, as Wilson is a sure tackler and plays significantly better with the ball in front of him (which is why he isn't good on the outside).

As a result, you'd have a secondary with Dee Milliner, Darrin Walls, Captain Munnerlyn at cornerback, along with Kyle Wilson and either Antonio Allen (ideally) or Dawan Landry. This is, of course, barring any draft picks.

I think this could work. What do you think? How does the Captain fit?