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Darrelle Revis Signs With the Patriots

Ronald Martinez

[Edit by John B, 03/12/14 10:03 PM EDT ] Albert Breer says it's done. That seems like all she wrote.

[Edit by John B, 03/12/14 8:49 PM EDT ] Revis' manager tweets that there is no deal yet. So there's that. Still, the fact Schefter reported it doesn't make me feel good.


Former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis has signed with the New England Patriots.

This is far from a shocker. Bill Belichick has reportedly coveted Revis for a long time. I even guessed New England would be a suitor the other night when we first talked about the potential for Revis to become a free agent.

The Revis camp reportedly touched base with the Jets today to gauge their interest in a reunion. We don't know whether Revis would have taken the same deal from the Jets. If he was willing to take something around $12 million annually, I think a lack of interest from the Jets would be very difficult to justify. That is all speculation, though. We might know more later.

What we do know is one of the greatest players in the game is now in New England. Even not fully healed from a torn ACL last year, Revis was one of the top five corners in the league. Ugh.