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New York Jets Sign Eric Decker: We Have Lift Off

We have been frustrated, upset and a little angry, but the 2014 New York Jets have lift off with the signing of star wide receiver Eric Decker.

Justin Edmonds

The New York Jets are up and running in free agency and it's a good one. Widely regarded as the best available wide receiver on the open market, the Jets have tied former Bronco Eric Decker down to a long-term contract. It's a five-year, $36 million deal, according to reports. See contract details here.

Decker, a soon to be 27 year old receiver has his prime right in front of him and is coming off a 1288 yard 11 touchdown season with the Super Bowl runners up. Decker was kept in check in the Super Bowl but his performances throughout the season brought rave reviews throughout the organization.

Decker will join a team desperate for offensive talent, the Jets ranked 31st out of 32 teams in regards to passing yards last season and the receiving core suffered from both injuries and a lack of teal quality.

Decker was selected in the 3rd round by the Bronco's, a draft in which he should have gone much higher. However a season ending foot injury meant he fell down the draft, the Bronco's were happy to take advantage of this.

What will we get with Decker? Quite simply a receiver who runs good, crisp routes, has good hands, good intelligence who can play inside and out and has some open field moves. He's a big target who you can use in the red-zone and is an active run blocker.

PFF ranked Decker as the 11th best receiver in the league last year. He had 8 drops last season, which although isn't great, is less than the likes of Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson and A.J Green. He broke 8 tackles in the open field and had 397 yards after the catch.

Personally I couldn't be happier about the signing of Decker. I think he adds a lot of quality to a team devoid of offensive talent. He'll certainly help Geno Smith develop and he'll take some pressure off the running game. As user Broadway Jose mentioned earlier today, it's not whether we are welcoming a prototypical #1 or #2 we are welcoming a 1,200+ yard 10+ touchdown, 27 year old wide receiver. Something I can certainly get on board with.

2010 DEN 14 6 8 104 17.7 38 1 1 1
2011 DEN 16 44 95 612 13.9 56 8 1 1
2012 DEN 16 85 123 1,064 12.5 55 13 0 0
2013 DEN 16 87 137 1,288 14.8 61 11 2 1
Total 62 222 363 3,070 13.8 61 33 4 3

Welcome Eric Decker!

P.S. Welcome Jessie James, Eric's wife, as well ;-)