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Free Agency: Hot Pursuit of Eric Decker and James Jones

Jonathan Daniel

According to both Tony Pauline and Ian Rapoport, the New York Jets are on hot pursuit of wide receivers Eric Decker and James Jones. Reports are that the team wants two receivers in free agency, and those are their targets. We've talked about Decker extensively, and here are our thoughts on Jones. Man, I would be so excited to have those two.

Combined with Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, and David Nelson, the receiving corps for the team will look substantially better going into next year. If I were John Idzik, I would sign those two and still draft a top flight talent in the NFL Draft. That gives Geno Smith some good weapons and Decker won't be pressured to perform like a true number one, which many agree he isn't.

Time to bring in the closer and make it happen, Mr. Idzik.