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Free Agency: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cut Darrelle Revis

Ronald Martinez

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have cut Darrelle Revis. This is important to the New York Jets because it means that they will receive the Buccaneers' fourth round pick this year, not their third rounder. It is also important because it means the Jets can try and sign their former cornerback.

However, other teams will be interested as well. The New England Patriots are also strong frontrunners for Revis' services. While I would be surprised due to Revis' money-grabbing nature not meshing with Bill Belichick's style, I can see a one-year rental.

Even with a fourth round pick, I don't see how this trade was anything but a win for the Jets. They got Sheldon Richardson and another pick and they don't have to clutter their cap space with Revis. Obviously, I want Revis back if it is at all possible. But even if it's not, they got something great out of the trade, and the Buccaneers got absolutely nothing.