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A Few Thoughts on Eric Decker


For some reason, a lot of people get this visceral reaction when someone suggests signing Eric Decker, and it blows my mind. Honestly, I think in a lot of cases, it's because he's white. He's a 6'3" 215lb. receiver, and if he were black, most people would say he's clearly a stud number one receiver, just like 6'3" 236lb. Demaryius Thomas.

But obviously, that's only true for some people. Others think Peyton Manning made him. Of course, this ignores the fact that Decker had 44 catches for 612 yards and 8 touchdowns with Tim Tebow. With one of the worst quarterbacks of all time, Decker had more catches, yards, and touchdowns than the New York Jets leading receiver this year in Jeremy Kerley (43/523/3).

We also don't know what kind of contract Decker is going to get. People are assuming it will be $8M+ per year, and it might be, but literally every contract so far this free agency has been a shocker, for better or worse. When has John Idzik ever shown a propensity to overspend? I honestly think some of you would still be upset even if Decker paid us for the opportunity to play here. If you want him to get $7M per year and would be upset at $8M, you have no right to complain that Idzik isn't spending money fast enough, assuming he is signed.

My last point comes to the receivers that have played here recently. Guys like Mardy Gilyard, Greg Salas, David Nelson. The Jets truly have one of the worst receiving corps in the National Football League, and it blows me away that some people are just fundamentally opposed to Decker. It's like turning away a $1,000 bottle of wine because you really want the $1,050 bottle, when all you've been drinking is Two Buck Chuck.

Honestly, I think Decker's perception comes down to the fact that he's white for most people, even if they aren't willing to admit it. He is a complete receiver and one of the better receivers in the league. Some of you are just spoiled and have no reason to be. If you have substantive reasons why you're opposed to Decker though, I am all ears, but if I had a say in the matter, Eric Decker would not leave Florham Park today without a contract.

Disclosure: I am aware I am using a strawman argument to make my point but I assure you there are many individuals who have the objections I've listed, and for the reasons I have presupposed.