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A Quick Peek at Breno Giacomini

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Since the news last night that Breno Giacomini would be visiting the New York Jets today, I have been poking around and trying to learn more about the former practice squad player. The consensus opinion is that Giacomini is a good player, a tough veteran, and the most reliable member of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line. I've been told that he got better as the year went on and helped solidify the line, especially in the playoffs. I asked Danny Kelly of our sister site Field Gulls for his thoughts, and here is what he had to say:

As to Danny's last point, Giacomini is 28 years old, so he should have a few good years left. I wasn't initially very happy with this prospective move by John Idzik, but the more research I do into Giacomini, the more content I would be. I would still prefer Zach Strief, but Giacomini is a high floor, low ceiling, reliable kind of player I can get behind.