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Eric Decker Visiting With The Jets - Update Confirmed

So day one wasn't a good day for us, but how about day two?

Jamie Squire

There is absolutely no confirmation that Eric Decker is visiting with the Jets, I think that's important to note straight away.

However Seth Walder has put together a couple of pieces and discovered there is a good chance that Eric Decker was on a flight from Denver to Newark late last night.

Several people tweeted that they had just flown in to Newark with Decker on board. The plane landed at Newark at 11:17pm which means he may be meeting the team today, if he is meeting us at all.

This is definitely an interesting one, the Jets need serious help with their offensive weapons, and Decker is considered one of the top free agent receivers if not the best free agent wide receiver.

I've said from the start that Eric Decker was my preferred choice at receiver, I think he is a fantastic talent and someone who could help the Jets alot.

He was rated as the 11th best receiver in the league last year. He had 87 receptions for 1288 yards and 11 touchdowns. He had 397 yards after the catch He did have 8 dropped catches on 135 targets, which isn't great but we all have to consider that the likes of Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, Mike Wallace and a host of others had more drops.

I want this to happen and I'd pay top $$$ for him as well.