Would Darrelle Revis ACTUALLY love to play for the Patriots?

Back on news years day when I posted that it was a possibility that the Buccaneers would cut Darrelle Revis in order to withhold their 3rd round pick this year, it didn’t even occur to me that the Jets could in fact make a run at Revis until GGN user MachlinT brought it up. I didn’t actually believe that the Buccaneers would flat out release Revis but here we are. If no one trades for Revis tomorrow, he will be cut.

Late Wednesday night, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported that Darrelle Revis would love to be playing in a Patriots uniform next year.

This smells rotten to me. If Rex Ryan and Revis have as good of a relationship as everyone says they do, there is no way Darrelle would ever want to do that to Rex.

The guy he would love to stick it to is Owner Woody Johnson.

Rich Cimini of Espn mentioned in a blog post wednesday night that Revis feels Woody Johnson betrayed him last year:

"The big question is, would Revis' ego permit him to re-sign with the organization he accused of lying to him before last year's trade? He felt betrayed by general manager John Idzik, who was simply carrying out Johnson's trade order. "

Cimini also mentioned that Woody, "couldn’t wait to ship Revis out of town last spring. The Jets' owner was tired of the annual contract dramas, frustrated by the inability to sign him to a long-term contract."

If there is one thing that can scare Woody Johnson into signing off on a Revis deal, it is the threat of the Jets longtime rivals acquiring arguably the greatest Jet since Joe Namath while he is still in his prime. It would be reminiscent of the Jets signing Curtis Martin away from the Patriots during the onset of the Bill Parcells era. Woody can’t let that happen or his already fledgling reputation will take another big hit in the eyes of the Jets fanbase.

Or maybe Revis will ask for too much money and all this is a moot point. I can’t see anyone giving Revis close to 16 million dollars a year. The only threat is Cleveland with Revis’ old Defensive Coordinator leading the charge. However, the Browns have to deal with Joe Haden first and I can’t see the Browns investing so much money in the secondary after already signing Donte Whitner earlier today. The Patriots only have 14 million in cap room so they can’t even offer what Revis would want monetarily.

If everyone can act like grown ups in this situation, a Jets/Revis marriage makes all the sense in the world.

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