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Free Agency: Tate Visiting Lions, Byrd Visiting Saints

Here is a quick update on where some Jets 'targets' are off to visit

Jim Rogash

Over the past four days, the Jets have been interested in anyone and just about everyone. So it would be absolutely impossible to know which are legit and which are based on people putting two and two together.

However it's safe to assume the Jets had some interest in Golden Tate and or Jarius Byrd. While neither of them have signed, they will be visiting some other teams.

It has been revealed that former Seattle receiver Golden Tate will be taking a visit to Detroit, it seems as though they are going to seriously consider giving Calvin Johnson a little help. Tate helped himself to 64 catches 898 yards and five touchdowns last season and would be an excellent compliment to Johnson. He'd also be a nice addition for the Jets.

Jarius Byrd is visiting with the Saints, which is a little tricky to understand because the Saints have very little cap room. However with the Browns and Bronco's going elsewhere, Byrd is checking every single angle. Byrd who is widely considered the top safety prospect available this year should be of interest to the Jets. However nothing has come out officially (yet) to suggest the Jets have strong interest in Byrd.

We'll keep you updated when and if we hear more.