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Wilkerson Not Contemplating Holdout

Big Mo is swinging in the Jets' direction.

Al Bello

New York Jets star defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson reportedly has no intentions of holding out.

Wilkerson recently told Metro New York:

It will be taken care of, definitely. But all that holdout and all that other talk that people were saying and everything – I never said anything like that. I’m not going to hold out. It’s not something I want; it’s not something I’m thinking about. I’m going to show up like everybody else and do what I’m told.

Like I tell everybody, that’s what I got an agent for. I feel I’ve got a damn good one. They’re going to discuss with John and them and I think they’re going to work something out. I have faith in them. At the end of the day, I want to be a Jet for life. I think I will be so I’m going to let everything take care of itself. Everything will fall into place; everything happens for a reason. I’m just sitting here waiting.

Wilkerson's agent reportedly has yet to engage in contract negotiations with the Jets' front office. The Jets have until May to decide whether or not to exercise their 5th year option on Wilkerson. If they fail to do so, and fail to work out an extension, Wilkerson will become a restricted free agent after the 2014 season.