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Darius Reynaud: 2013 and Beyond


The Jets signed Darius Reynaud to help in the return game after Josh Cribbs went on the shelf for the year. In his fifth year in the league, the Jets were Reynaud's fourth NFL team. He also had stints with the Vikings, Giants, and Titans. Tennessee cut him loose during the 2013 season.

Reynaud is purely a return specialist. He only has 23 touches from scrimmage in five NFL seasons. One might call him a one trick pony, which is a problem because he is not particularly effective performing that one trick. He has a subpar 22.6 yard career average on kickoff returns and a mediocre 9.7 yard average on punt returns.

Reynaud did not have much of an impact on the Jets. He struggled to even get active, dressing in only two of the four games for which he was signed, no easy feat considering how little the team had to offer in the return game. When he did play, his three kickoff returns resulted in a pedestrian 25.0 average with a long of 27. His two punt returns were both fair catches.

Reynaud was a late season roster fill in, nothing more. I do not think the Jets should use one of their limited training camp spots on him. He has proven he is not much of a factor in the NFL.