No, not there!!

Tis the season, right? This is the season where you get irrationally attached to guys that don't even play for your team. You get so attached that you don't even care if your team doesn't draft them, as long as they go somewhere where they can flourish and be a player and prove you were right. It's crazy right? You start by sifting through the mock drafts and the positional rankings; then you start honing in on guys that fit positional needs for your team; then you start filtering for scheme fits; and then... voila... you fall in love. You find THE guy. You find YOUR guy. You watch every stitch of game tape and interview for this guy going back to freakin HS and you're totally convinced he's a player. You see the almighty IT. It doesn't even matter to you any more whether or not your team drafts him. Yeah, you hope against hope that it is in fact your team that does, but you just want to see the "IT " that you saw flourish and be validated. More than anything, you want confirmation. But what if he lands in the wrong spot? Or what if he lands with your rival?

Couple years ago I started really digging this guy Shea McClellin from Boise St. He was a fantastic 34 OLB prospect that would have been a particularly good fit in a Rex Ryan defense bc we're so multiple and he was moved around so much in college. It made so much sense for this guy to be a Jet, but at the very least a 34 OLB. But who drafted him, the freakin Tampa-2 running freakin Chicago Bears. Why in the blue hell would the Bears draft my boy McLovin? I called him McLovin, so what. Thats not the point. The point is... he got drafted to the worst possible place.

So who's your maybe irrational man-crush that you are absolutely convinced can be a player, so long as he's not a player for... who?

[It can be a bad scheme fit or a perfect scheme fit for a bitter rival; but lets not be stupid and say crazy nonsense like Clowney to the Pats, ok? Don't be dense.]

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