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Phil Simms Likes Geno Smith Better Than Any 2014 QB Prospect

Scott Halleran

CBS NFL analyst and former NFL quarterback Phil Simms says he likes Geno Smith better than any quarterback available in the upcoming NFL Draft.

"If you’re the New York Jets you’ve got to sit there and go, ‘Wow, good thing we made a move last year and we didn’t wait until this year,’" Simms told SiriusXM’s Adam Schein on Wednesday. "My first thought is just physically and how he played at the end of the year I would be pretty happy going, ‘Man, all right, we got a guy.’ I think if Geno Smith was in this draft class he would be the number one guy, without question."

Simms characterized Bridgewater’s arm as "middle of the pack," questioned Manziel’s explosiveness and arm strength and took issue with Bortles’ throwing motion and slow 40-yard dash time.

While I am not sure I necessarily agree with everything Simms said, I do put stock into what he says since he is a well-regarded quarterback analyst.