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Introduce Yourself to GangGreenNation

On nearly every page of GangGreenNation, you can find our "regulars." Behind all of those regulars, you have regular people, everyday fans of the New York Jets. For example, my name is Scott. As many of you know, I'm a second-year law student. I became a Jets fan when I was seven, when I met Joe Namath at a March of Dimes event. He showed me his Super Bowl ring and taught me how to throw a spiral using a nerf football.

I started reading GangGreenNation in early 2010 around when the team signed LaDainian Tomlinson and traded for Antonio Cromartie. I started writing for the site almost three years ago (in April) when I randomly decided to e-mail John and ask for a moderating position. Soon after, I started writing, and I became an editor over a year ago.

What about you? Who are you, how did you become a Jets fan, and how did you find GangGreenNation? If you aren't a regular, or are just a lurker, we would especially love to hear from you.