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Report: Jets Interested In Josh McCown

We have spoken at length about the need to bring in more quarterbacks to compete with Geno. According to a report, the Jets are interested in Josh McCown.


It's a given that at some point this off-season we will bring in quarterback competition for Geno Smith. Whether that be through free agency or through the draft, or both.

A report by Kevin Patra of which is reporting on an article in the Daily News suggests that man may well be Josh McCown.

This may be a very interesting option. McCown is 34 and has been in the league since 2002. In back-up duty with the Chicago Bears last year he went 3-2 with 13 touchdowns to just one interception with a 66.5% completion percentage. For his career he has 50 touchdowns to 45 interceptions with a lifetime completion percentage of 59.4%

In my opinion McCown is one of those guys that you want.  He's not going to blow you away, but he will keep you competitive if, say, Geno suffers an injury or goes through another bad spell where he needs to be benched.

McCown has spent time with several different NFL franchises, starting his career as a 3rd round selection of the Arizona Cardinals, before moving on to play for the Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, and the Bears.

I wouldn't be against bringing in McCown as long as he isn't the only QB to arrive this Summer.