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Scouting The Draft: Allen Hurns, WR, Miami

We continue to look at some of the top prospect in the NFL draft in relation to the New York Jets

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It's not often you have a receiver finish the season with over 1,000 yards and four 100+ yards in each of the final 4 regular season games, and not talk about him. However that's what's happening with Miami receiver Allen Hurns, a player who has really come on in his final season in Miami. He has worked his way up from being a special teams player to being only the fourth receiver in Miami history to have a 1000+ yard receiving season. I've had a look at Hurns and personally, I just don't understand why he is gaining more attention as a viable receiving threat. I've seen him projected in the 4th round to not being drafted at all. He won't be a No1 at the next level, but he could be a solid #2 or #3.


Height: 6"3

Weight: 195lb's

Class: Senior

Projected 40: 4.45-4.5


Year Receptions Yards Average Long Touchdowns
2013 62 1162 18.7 84 6
2012 28 314 11.2 40 4
2011 31 415 13.4 41 4
2010 0 0 0 0 0


  • Quickness: He doesn't have top end speed, but he is very quick over a short area and enough pace to really challenge players downfield as well.
  • Recognition: Always seems to find a way to get open, doesn't have the best acceleration, but he really sells his routes, and manages to find the soft areas in zone.
  • Physical blocker: He is lean and thin, but he puts 100% effort into the blocking game, and surprisingly, he's actually quite a good consistent blocker on the outside.
  • Separation: Someone tried to tell me he won't get separation at the next level, I don't understand that. He gets separation consistently with crisp routes and fast breaks.
  • Multi-threat: He can go deep, run the intermediate, Miami liked to get him the ball on screens and swing passes too, he can do a lot of things well.
  • Route running: I really liked what I saw from Hurns in terms of his route running ability, he gets in and out of his breaks quickly and smoothly, which is why he was able to amass 1000+ yards at Miami.

  • Height: He's not 6"3, that's his listed height but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes in at under 6"2 officially.
  • Lean: He has very thin legs, thin arms and thin frame....against tougher press coverage in the NFL, that may well be a problem.
  • Concentration: He's not known as a dropper but sometimes he's looking what he'll do with the ball before he actually has the ball.
  • Did have a few niggling injuries throughout his career, with a concussion and issues with his hand. Doesn't seem to have affected him at all based on 2013 numbers.

Here is a guy that I really like. Ability to get separation, a high motor, work-ethic receiver who's got decent size and enough speed to cause problems. The best part, he'll be available in rounds 4-7 (probably). The Jets would be wise to take a look at a guy like this in the 4th or 5th round, with the roster depleted of any real receiving talent. He'll be a good No2 or No3 at the next level, I'm pretty confident about that.

Would I draft him for the Jets?

I want the Jets to come out of the draft with a minimum of 2 receivers. So he wouldn't be my number one, but as a middle of the pack kind of guys I would be very interested in selecting him and giving him a chance to really shine and prove his worth. He's a really high work-ethic guy so he'll start on specials but his ability to get open just makes him intriguing. If I were in charge I'd do some homework and then nab him in the 4th if I got word others were interested or the 5th, that would represent excellent value.